Tips On Decoration And Layout Of The Furniture In The Lounge

I share the idea of the layout of the furniture for the lounge or living room because it has a very important role in menadaptasikannya. There are 3 layout concept that matches your living room ...These

1. the layout style Talk
This style in sort as runag we discuss and may also layout dikata as berbentul "O". A sempitdan no Cabinet TV, fit arranged like this. Dining chair (Dining chairs) that can be retrieved from a dining table when guests there are existing Chair to-hour they sit diruang. Oval shaped rugs are also compatible with this order.

2. the layout style of the 3 + 1 + 1
When have small and narrow or expand, we are not able to have furniture 3 + 2 + 1. The way eventually surmounted them with the style of the layout of the 3 + 1 + 1. Sofa three seats as in complete with two different single sofa design more interesting from having the same day apparently. Same goes for side table. One round and the other bersegi.
3. the layout style of the letter C
The style of the layout of the form ' C ' has minimal furniture. Given the narrow living room seem spacious. AC (Armchair) can be changed to a two-seat sofa or chaise lounge if we allow the living space.

Pictures that might be able to serve as inspiration for you to organize your living room ...good try ...