The Inner Decorations 10 Tips Home

I want to share pictures and tips exclusive interior design. There are things to be avoided when decorating your home.
1. make a selection yourself
Your home is your personal space. Do not allow others to determine what you do in your home.
2. Avoid painting used to be
On the other hand make a selection of fabrics, carpets and cushion before thinking about the color of paint.

3. do not select paint from a paper sample
Instead, buy a small setting color options to try at home. Paint a small section of the wall in order to get the effect of the colors in natural light evenly on the cardboard. Then acukan on the wall to look at their surroundings.

4. do not select the color in the store
Avoid buying fabric, floor finish or paint in your first shop visit. Ask only an example color paint, carpet or fabric to take home. See impact and the difference in color in natural light and in the lights in the evening.

5. don't ignore the psychology of color
Colors affect attitudes and emotions. Select the color scheme matches the atmosphere of the space like to digarapkan. For example, game room or family room, bright tones more compatible match due to meet the needs and activities of that space.

6. Avoid forced d├ęcor
Do not force the existing color scheme or more exactly do not ' force ' unites ornaments. Because you have a red couch, doesn't mean the red striped curtains can be matched to it. Select an option group by identifying the main color jewelry in that space.

7. don't ignore the point of focal space.
Not all rooms have a focal point, but if there is, let it flourish. Eg Consul desk, red brick berkemasan walls or wall decor. What to do is arrange the works and furniture near the key elements.

8. don't let furniture arranged closely to the wall.
Avoid stack chairs, sofas and tables around the space unless there are options. Clustered in the middle of the space sort of facilitate chat.

9. Avoid build restrictions.
Do not place a Chair in front of the door or table in the main line area. It disrupts the smooth path, should make sure the path is easily accessible.

10. don't buy for cheap.
On the other hand careful quality workmanship, details or he was either it or not.